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Sound Resource - At Play

A leisure venue by its very nature has to be multi-purpose. It’s a meeting place for friends, it’s a conference facility for professionals and party place for all. The technology systems employed must meet this challenging role and help generate revenue..

Venue Audio Visual (AV) & Background Music
The AV & background music system has an important role to play within any venue. It will ensure that speeches and presentations are heard clearly and at the right volume. It will ensure that the music reproduction is like that of a staged concert, yet also meeting bye-law regulations on sound levels. Images displayed on large flat panel or projector screen from satellite, terrestrial TV, DVD players or laptops need to be high definition and viewable for the whole audience. As well as being versatile, the system must be simple and intuitive to use.

Portable Sound Systems
From a single hand held megaphone to wireless microphones and large sound system rigs the important issue is portability. The system needs to be constructed to cater for the rigors of being moved around from different locations, internally and externally. The system also needs to be easily stored and handled. The majority of equipment would be housed in durable flight cases fitted with heavy duty handles and castors to make handling easy. Just like the AV system the portable equipment needs to be versatile and yet simple and intuitive to use.

Lighting Control
A well designed lighting control system can enhance the atmosphere at any leisure venue. It can also provide significant energy cost savings by automating the lighting level to suit the occupancy. Multiple light fittings in different locations of the venue can be controlled from a single wall mounted keypad. Systems can be sophisticated yet simple to operate; the primary design element is to ensure that members and visitors can operate the system without the need to consult a manual.

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)

Typically CCTV systems are used for security purposes, acting as deterrent and detection, especially in car parks and places that are not always occupied. At leisure venues, CCTV can also be used to locally broadcast events and gatherings onto large screens within the venue for larger audiences. The captured images can be recorded on DVD for future reference and shared with others.